Big News:

Your Wizarding Retreat is ready for scheduling!


We select a variety of destinations with varying attractions and opportunities to explore as well as kick back, relax, and read!


Whether you’re traveling alone or with a friend or loved one, we promise a community of like-minded book lovers on our retreats.

Relax & Read

There is never any pressure to be social or explore the area if you don’t want to. If you’re looking for quiet reading time, there’s no pressure with us!

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One thing we always ensure at every retreat is the safety and comfort of your surroundings and lodging. Whether you want to stay in and read, head out and explore, or do a combination of the two and meet new friends, it’s up to you!

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Each of our destinations offers optional activities that you can pre-book or opt to join once you’ve settled in and gotten the lay of the land. You can choose your speed and your schedule – no pressure, this is your retreat!

Where do we go? Check out our irresistible book escapes.